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Transaccts set out to modernize tax and accounting for long-haul truck drivers. As the lead designer for the project, it was my responsibility to create a straightforward UI to help drivers focus on driving, not their taxes.

Transaccts PWA, iOS, and Android App hero image.

Transaccts initially wanted to test out their idea with a Progressive Web App. This would allow any user on any device to access the product. I also had to keep in mind that if successful, Transaccts would eventually become native iOS and Android apps. Starting off with a platform agnostic UI while keeping in mind best practices for iOS and Android platforms was an important consideration.

Early Exploration

Early wireframes show elements that would make it all the way to production and others that were left on the cutting room floor.

Initial research uncovered very few direct competitors in the market. We drew out user flows and created personas for how a core user might use the product: upload a picture of a receipt, confirm itemized lists and corresponding transaction amounts, then wait for their submission to be approved.

Early designs focused around presenting a feed of information and easy-to-parse detail pages.

Login Screen

Subscription Ad

Early testing uncovered that a subscription model was the optimal revenue stream for Transaccts.

When the Transaccts team started building the app, we made the conscious decision to automate one of the core features with OCR. Once an image was uploaded to the server, we would use software to parse the image and pull off relevant data – products, product categories, and prices.

Due to the non-technical nature of the core customer persona, I decided obfuscating this process was the best route to go down – creating an “automagic” experience that ended up delighting users.

Transaction Overview

Upon opening the app, the Transaction Overview is the first screen users see – making content easy and accessible.

Transaction Detail

When adding (or editing) a transaction, ease-of-use is at the core of the UX.

Finally, as a core feature, I decided that creating a persistent “Add Receipt” button would be a boon to users. Being able to quickly open the app and upload a receipt with as few clicks as possible also proved to be a major selling point for the product.

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