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Sourced Adventures' mission is to make the outdoors accessible and affordable for everyone. It was my responsibility to create a matching high-energy brand and combine it with a platform to sell trips and adventures.

Sourced Adventures Adventure Travel Website hero image.

Sourced Adventures was born from the shuttering of a similar product sold by Living Social. When I first interviewed the founder, Kyle, about how he wanted to position his brand, he responded with high-energy. His mission was to create an accessible platform for New Yorkers (and since, much beyond that market) to get out of the city and find adventure.

Trip Detail Page

A purchase-driven page focusing on presenting all pertinent information and showcasing high-quality images in the hero slider.

Competitors were surprisingly sparse. There were many that offered day-trips within the city, but few who ventured further out than that. Since then, Sourced Adventures has come a long way – now offering international destinations and even private trips for those looking for a more tailored experience.

Sourced Adventures

The Sourced Adventures logo has undergone
numerous tweaks and adjustments over the years

Paying Homage

Paying homage to one of the first Adventures – Hunter Mountain – remains a core part of the Sourced Adventures logo.

Branding was an important aspect of the Sourced Adventures product. The founder, himself, sketched out what he had in mind for a logo which I then took and transformed into the current logo. We’ve since worked together through minor updates and modernizing, but the core logo remains very similar to launch.

The logo is meant to invoke the “get out there” mentality. Skiing was an important piece of early Sourced Adventure trips and we wanted to pay homage to the beginning.

International Trips Page

Combining high-quality photography with modern design to sell international Adventures.

Brands like Sourced Adventures are fun because they allow for some pretty outlandish design language. When we turned to the website, we knew we wanted to bring that same high-energy of the trips and logo into the trip-browsing experience.

High quality trip photos combine with modern typography to invoke a “roughing it” feel. We wanted to convey the rawness that comes with adventuring while blending the comfort of having a seasoned guide by your side the whole time.

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