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The Lawline service is used by well over 100,000 lawyers who pay a monthly subscription fee to access content and complete courses.

As the Lead designer at Lawline, I was responsible for everything from business card designs to user research and UI development.

Lawline Corporate Website hero image.

When I first joined the Lawline team, I stepped into a brand new role as a full-time designer. I jumped in right away tackling redesigns of two core products: the course details and bundles pages. These pieces were an evolution of existing content, a collection of best practices from the industry, and a visual overlay to tie it in with Lawline’s visual language.

The Lawline Catalog

The Catalog is a collection of all Lawline products.

One of the most pervasive components of Lawline’s product is the Course Card. The intention of the Card was to create a digital representation of a physical product. From our research, we determined the typical Lawline user as skewing towards an older demographic. These users weren’t necessarily tech-savvy, so creating a tangible-like connection was an integral piece of the UI.

Course Cards were designed to be flexible. Composed of a header and body, Course Cards can take on any variation of the core product – On Demand content, Live Broadcast content, and even Bundled products.

Course Card

The logged-out experience shows the price and other essential information.

Course Card

For logged-in users, the Course Cards shows pertinent CTAs.

An intentional decision of the Card was to make the call-to-action section flexible across user states. A user could be multiple things: a logged out user, a purchaser of a single product, or an unlimited customer. Keeping the button flexible lowered the cognitive load of a user. Simply click the button, and the system takes care of the rest.

Lawline Typography

The Lawline product is based around the flexible Open Sans font family.

Course Complete Page

Clear actions, ample space, and consistency are central to Lawline’s visual language.

Developing a visual language was another important role during my tenure at Lawline. Without a clear visual direction, I led the team down the road of becoming a modern, tech-forward leader in the industry. Bold and clear typography, plenty of space around UI components, and consistency of product were (and continue to be) remixed into various components of the product.

Credit Tracker

Lawline’s Credit Tracker allows user to track their requirements, view certificates, and take other important actions.

Lawline’s Credit Tracker was a breakthrough in the industry. I was responsible for developing the UI of the product – keeping track of user’s credit states, giving them a glanceable way of checking their progress, and providing quick links to important information like requirements and course certificates.

Next Project


iOS and Android App

To stay ahead of the industry, Lawline introduced mobile apps for iOS and Android. I was responsible for the visual direction and visual development of the mobile UI.