iOS and Android App

To stay ahead of the industry, Lawline introduced mobile apps for iOS and Android. I was responsible for the visual direction and visual development of the mobile UI.

Lawline iOS and Android App hero image.

Keeping feature parity with Lawline’s flagship web application was an important aspect of this project. A proper blend of Lawline’s visual language and the iOS and Android mobile visual language was an interesting challenge.

iOS App

Android App

In conjunction with Lawline developers, we were able to translate all of the core features into the mobile applications. In order to co-develop the iOS and Android applications simultaneously we decided to base them on the React Native framework.

Now Playing Screen

Blending the typical podcast/player screen with the Lawline design language.


Advanced interactions, like taking SmartNotes, can be achieved right from the Now Playing screen.

One of the most essential pieces of the Lawline mobile experience is listening to Courses on-the-go. I wanted to create an enjoyable, flexible, and powerful experience here – where users would be spending most of their time.

It was an interesting challenge to blend the tried-and-true UX of a podcast-style player with some of Lawline’s core products like SmartNotes, Course Materials, and presentation syncing.

Next Project



It all started with a simple pitch deck redesign. Soon enough, Chicory dove into a complete email template overhaul, a top-to-bottom logo, branding, and identity redesign, and even some improvements to the UI of their core SmartCart product.