It all started with a simple pitch deck redesign. Soon enough, Chicory dove into a complete email template overhaul, a top-to-bottom logo, branding, and identity redesign, and even some improvements to the UI of their core SmartCart product.

Chicory Branding hero image.

When I first started working with Chicory, we agreed that one of their most pressing projects was a sales pitch deck. We felt that it would be a good “starter” project to get a feel for each other.

After a successful launch, we transitioned into a variety of other projects.

Chicory Sales Deck

The updated Chicory sales deck for 2019.

One of the biggest projects I’ve worked on with Chicory was their logo redesign. Logo redesigns are always a massive undertaking by nature, but with the help of the team, we only went through a few iterations before we settled on the perfect logo.

Logo Explorations

A small sampling of the logo explorations for Chicory.

Chicory’s remarkable new identity was a product of focused research, strategy and execution. The team believes it perfectly conveys the foundational brand values of a modern, technologically-focused company adept and capable of tackling the future of grocery.

Old Chicory Logo

New Chicory Logo

As I continue to help Chicory’s design language grow, I’ve provided services including iconset designs and art direction for contracted illustrators.

Chicory Icons

A set of icons specifically made for Chicory.

Art Direction

One of the numerous illustrations commissioned for Chicory.

Next Project

Sourced Adventures

Adventure Travel Website

Sourced Adventures' mission is to make the outdoors accessible and affordable for everyone. It was my responsibility to create a matching high-energy brand and combine it with a platform to sell trips and adventures.